Marilyn + Jason Clos La Chance Winery Wedding

The wedding of Marilyn and Jason was one of my all time favorite weddings, one that I assisted for one of my all time favorite people Carlie Statsky. The combination of Marilyn’s cute Aussie accent, Jason’s quiet and deep love for Marilyn, the amazing flower explosion at dinner and the super rockin’ live band at the reception were just the external tangible things that made this day spectacular. But what made it extraordinary was the sweet deep love these two have for each other, it really was moving. We started the day in San Francisco where Marilyn and Jason did their first look on Maiden Lane. You can check out those photos here. After giggling through the streets of San Francisco we headed down to Clos La Chance Winery where Marilyn and Jason got “redressed” in preparation for their ceremony. The sun shone extra bright on these two as they exchanged their vows in the midst of vineyard lined rolling hills and while being kissed by sweet angelic sunrays during the ceremony. A stunning cocktail hour followed by some speeches I will truly never forget. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house. There were tears both full of joy as well as those filled with sweet sentiments for those who have passed. Marilyn’s brother gave a speech about his admiration for his sister that left me as limp as a weeping willow, so touching. Throughout the day Carlie and I couldn’t keep our eyes dry even if we tried. It was a constant cry fest. These two are just that great. Their love for each other is simply magnificent, something you wish you could put in a bottle and open every once in a while to remind you of how good love and life are. Marilyn and Jason, you two are some of the most beautiful people, inside and out, I had an absolute blast at your wedding!

First, check out these grounds!

Great place for detail shots

What a setting for a beautiful dress

And the day begins

This dress had such beautiful detail

Time to put that beauty on

I loved this added belt, so cute

Sweet Mama’s love

Marilyn was given a surprise card from Jason

She’s almost complete

Marilyn gifted all the girls a necklace each

The final touch

Meanwhile the boys are ready

And the stage is being set

Here comes the bride

First drink together as husband and wife

Cocktail hour

I just love these two

Are they not just the cutest ever!

It’s party time!

Let the speeches begin

Cake time

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