Carats and Cake Wedding Planning Boards

I was contacted by Carats and Cake to help build their web content while they’re in the beta stages of creating their new site. The concept is pretty great, it’s kind of a mix between Pinterest and Facebook, you can browse wedding boards created by past brides from their own weddings and get ideas and advice from them. They have broken down all different categories from venues, to dresses to DJ’s, it’s very comprehensive. I just love this idea as it’s so hard to not only compile all the fresh ideas you have while wedding planning, but also to know what vendors you can really trust or not. What makes this site different is it’s interactive abilities. First off, a recently married bride can build a board with all the great images from their wedding featuring their favorite things. Then brides to be can search through the site, see these great images, get inspired and are even able to ask questions. It’s a great way to get personal references and advice. You can ask brides questions about their wedding or get details references, what worked, what didn’t, etc, etc.

Being a wedding photographer I am told many times by past brides that they’d love to continue to live out their day over and over. The Carats and Cake site offers a great way for newlywed brides to do just that. They can continue to share all the joy, all the great aspects and even the things that didn’t work with brides to be. It creates a great networking source for those veteran brides and those still planning.

As I mentioned they are still in the beta phase of the site, but feel free to look around and check it out. I think it’s going to be pretty awesome!

Here are a few screen shots of the boards to get you interested:

One from Rachel and Rick’s wedding:

The full link is here: Rachel and Rick

And here is another example from Rachael and Nick’s wedding:

The full link is here: Rachael and Nick

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