Newborn and Toddler Family Session I Brentwood, CA

I know Zu from our Mommy and Me class here in Santa Monica. Her Harlow and my Macy and Oliver have known each other since they were about 3 months old! It was great each week to watch Zu’s belly grow with baby Crosby and then get to actually document this special time when she has a newborn and a toddler. This family is so full of life and laughter, it was a pleasure to spend a few hours with them and see how they hang in their home. Jonathan was a rockstar keeping up with Harlow when he needed to run around and get down and stay calm when he was with the baby. And let’s give it up for Zu, an 18 month old and a newborn is no small feat! Little Crosby might have been one of the best newborns I’ve ever photographed. I can definitely say I’ve never seen a 2 week old smile like this boy did, wow! What a gorgeous family. I love when we can go no further than 3 rooms in a household and get 2 hours worth of shots 🙂 Look forward to continuing to watch this family grow.

Some Mommy Love

And Daddy Love

One of my faves ever:

This is how dad’s do it

Love this family pic

The boys

These next few just so capture this age, Oh Toddlers!

Now for some Crosby time

And the many faces of Harlow

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