Girls Getting Ready I Wedding I Mandalay Bay Las Vegas

My dear friend Alicia has waited many years for the magical day to arrive where she could marry her love Gary. I have known Alicia probably since 3rd grade. We’ve had many good times together and some of them included Vegas itself. Alicia wanted to go all out for her wedding, what better place than The Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas? The venue had their own photographer to capture Alicia & Gary’s ceremony and reception, but Alicia asked me if I could cover the girls getting ready. Of course I would! Here are some of my fave photos from the ladies getting their act together and ready to celebrate Alicia and Gary and all their glory! Love you Alicia! To many years of happiness you two!

Such a natural beauty! This is before any make up has even been applied, just foundation!

The nieces give their approval

Alicia shows the girl’s her jewelry including her grandma’s antique gold bracelet

And so the documentation of the details begin

One of my fave dress pictures ever

Alicia had to walk through the casino to get to the chapel area in order to put her dress on

A true Vegas shot

And it starts becoming real!

Mom is just in time to zip her daughter up

All the girls signed the soles of her shoes for good luck on her wedding day 🙂

Some good old Maid of Honor lovin’

The beautiful bride getting excited and a glimpse of the groom

What bride doesn’t deserve some chill time

Touch up for the girls

Alicia was losing her voice and downed a crazy concoction including a few shots of vodka I believe. Is that not the best flask you’ve ever seen?

All the ladies

I was only able to catch a few shots of just the bride before she headed out the ceremony

Mom love

And those crazy girls again

And she’s off!

Keepin it spicy

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