Oliver August & Macy Jeanne

It has been a long journey to this point of today. Of course when a new baby comes into your lives, things get turned upside down and a whole new range of experiences and emotions are felt that were never before experienced. Now times this all by two! My sweet little loves Oliver August and Macy Jeanne were born on February 18, 2012, 5lbs 7oz and 4lbs 15oz respectively. With a much anticipated natural birth as the plan, this momma came down with preeclampsia at 37 weeks and had to be induced. After 29 hours of labor and a constant balancing act between pitosin and magnesium, these little ones were born out of an emergency C-Section. Oliver ended up being a big brother after all! Their birth was a perfect first lesson in parenting, you can’t control everything, patience is a virtue, expect the unexpected, but most importantly, love is really all the matters. No matter how these little ones came into the world my love for them is the most important thing. And oh what love it is. I feel forever changed. Every commercial, book I read, people I see out in public makes me thing of these littles. How proud I will be (and already are) of them, how exciting it will be to watch their first bike ride, dance recital, school play, soccer game, etc. Such little lives, so sweet and innocent, so docile and fresh. It’s fascinating to think about who they will become, what personalities will be shaped, what ambitions they will have, what struggles will be overcome. It all starts here and I get to nurture these little ones.  What a responsibility and what an honor.  It has taken me 6 months to get this post out about them. But looking back it’s almost perfect. I get to see how far we’ve come. My sweet peas. As crazy as life is with twins I am so very thankful that they are both happy and healthy. There was no NICU needed, no jaundice, just perfect little muffins. I am so looking forward to watching them grow and explore and for the adventures that we will all be taking.

These are just a few words to describe them

Macy- Our little bean, big brown eyes, analyzer, mini, cruiser
Oliver – Giggler, kicker, active, so happy, smiley, mama’s boy

As a photographer I was so excited to have my own models for photo shoots. This thought was during pregnancy. The reality of life with twins is that a scheduled photo shoot is pretty dang hard. So the majority of my photos are from my trusty iPhone. They say once the kids reach 1 year old things start becoming much easier, maybe then I can break out my real camera…….

February 18, 2012 Day 1                                                          Day 6 bringing babies home                                                     Day 6

1 month                                                                                2 months                                                                           3 months

4 months                                                                          5 months                                                                                      6 months

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