Tamara’s Bachelorette Party

Sweet Tamara is marrying Russell, water specialist extraordinaire to the City of Santa Monica. I got to know Tamara by rooting on the sidelines for our men who play soccer together, and then even more during a few late nights belting karaoke from my living room. Tamara and Russell are no doubt made for each other, passionate, sincere and a definite crazy side. These two compliment each other so well, they are like champagne and hot dogs, a meal they’ve told me they absolutely love having together. Tamara’s bachelorette party started strong, champagne and appetizers at the hotel Le Montrose in West Hollywood. I was saving my photo opps for the late night debauchery, but little did I know I wouldn’t be able to take one single picture at the bar. Lubitsche was awesome, but they suck for not letting you take any pictures inside, booo! These few are all I was able to snap before many more bottles of champagne were drunk, a ridiculously delectable dinner was satiated and our dancing fix was done. Congratulations Tamara and Russell, Buona Fortuna!

A little room service please to start the night!


Pink champagne anyone?

To the rooftop for some girltime

Sweet hugs!

Starting to get her groove on

My favorite picture to end with. That’s a Maid of Honor’s duty, topping up the bride before we hit the town, now that’s love!

Congratulations Tamara and Russell, you’re going to have the best wedding in Mexico!

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