The Kellners I Danville, CA

Rolf and Dana are some old friends of mine that live up in Northern California. I’ve known them for over a decade and photographed their first born, Isaac right when I was starting my photography career. He’s now a big man and welcomed a new baby sister, Mia. So wonderful watching your friends have children and then see even those children grow up! Rolf and Dana, you guys are really creating some great little people to join us on this earth! xoxo

  • Hilary - January 8, 2014 - 12:44 pm

    I’m the one who asked for a photog rec on WLAPOM.

    Thanks so much!

    So, how do you price your events? My girls’ bday party is on January 19th from 11-2pm (2 years old!).

    Just let me know when you have a moment.
    Thanks so much!

    All the best,

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