The many faces of Amanda

Amanda, a red headed karaoke lover that volunteers at a hospital, runs half marathons, and is incredible working with kids with learning disabilities at The Learning Gym . Amanda is also my co-worker. She was kind enough to let me use her as my model for a few minutes during the day while I tested out some different lighting scenarios. It was just a technical test, but I got so many images that captured her pure being, I feel like it’s my duty to showcase this beautiful girl and her great spirit.

And here they are, the many faces of Amanda:

I’m so used to just capturing what is happening in front of the camera that me and a model alone was new territory for me. As I fumble with directing her for poses she gets warmed up in front of the camera.

After the attempted “posed” modeling session she’s able to break free and just be. Now that’s my territory and that’s when I start shooting

These next three are my fave

My back lighting test

And one last one just because

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