The McNiece Family I Playa Vista

I have known Mia since junior high school! We were in student council together and her early career as Secretary has carried her through all the way to where she is now at People magazine. It’s so awesome to know people for that long and to be able to see them continue to grow into adults and become mommies! I first photographed Mia and her family last year when Dahlia was just crawling. This year Dahlia is a full blown toddler running everywhere. We met at the Central Park in Playa Vista and seriously couldn’t stay in one place longer than a few minutes. Dahlia kept me on my toes, attempting to chase after her with my own two babies in my belly getting bigger and bigger and reminding me that I can’t always do the same things I was able to before. It was such a pleasure to see Dahlia again and of course her super sweet parents Mia and Gavin. You two made a beautiful child together!

Such sweet giggles

Fun with plants

Sweet family time

Dahlia finds the Playground

My fave series from the day

Goodbye McNieces, had such a fun day!

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